Volunteers drop-in sessions suspended!

Due to COVID-19 we are currently not able to offer the face to face drop in sessions as our office is closed to members of the public.   However you can still contact us by email.

If you need a little extra help choosing a role or registering on-line, please email Cheska at f.middleton@vacoventry.org.uk or volunteering@vacoventry.org.uk

 I want to Volunteer in Coventry

  • Due to Covid-19, drop-in service is suspended until further notice.  Please see above on how to contact us.

  • We normally offer drop in sessions on Tuesday 10.30am - 12.30pm or Thursday 12.30 - 2.30pm. ​

  • Our Volunteer Centre is at 27-29 Trinity Street, CV1 1FJ  (opposite Sainsbury's)

  • You can also search for roles online and register to manage your profile 

We need volunteers

Employer Supported Volunteering

  • Employer Supported Volunteering (ESV) is when employers offer their employees paid time off to benefit their local community. It is a great way of fulfilling a corporate social responsibility policy and building a reputation as a responsible business.

One-off Volunteering

  • Perfect for busy modern lifestyles, one-off volunteering is quick, easy and provides low commitment action that delivers a huge benefit to a worthy cause.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Voluntary Action Coventry has achieved the VCQA Standard since it was launched in 2000

Guide For Organizations

  • Why are some volunteers feeling frustrated or turned off giving their time? We can tell you: many volunteering expressions of interest are not receiving a timely response, leaving volunteers feeling that their time or skills are not valuable.

    Continue reading for some guidance on communicating your appreciation for their interest, and maintain the passion they first felt when they read or heard about the great work you do, and decided it was YOU they wanted to give their time to.