Community Mental Health Transformation

As part of the Community Mental Health Transformation, the VCSE team are ensuring Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise groups are part of the conversation around transforming mental health services. Learn more about the Community Mental Health Transformation.


Demonstrate your Impact VCSE Survey Report and Video

VCSEs were invited to engage with a survey to give an insight into how the VCSE mental health sector was fairing across Warwickshire and Coventry in 2023 and to better understand its social and financial contribution. The results were quite astounding and we have included some key findings in this short video.

The full report can be read here

CMHT VCSE Networking event - 16th November 2023 

With only 6 months left of the Transformation Programme, this is an excellent opportunity for VCSEs and clinical staff to network and build partnerships with like minded people in the community mental health sector, over some refreshments and lunch. Reserve your spot here

Why involve the VCSE sector in transforming mental health services?

Working alongside NHS services, VCSEs provide unique support for people experiencing mental health challenges. They establish a connected community of people with shared experiences, get to know the people that come along each week and develop trusting professional relationships, often over a cuppa and a biscuit! Having that trust allows for honest conversations with service users about how mental health has affected them and can often highlight areas of services which need improvement.

This unique insight, along with input from our Experts by Experience, gives us a clear and honest depiction of how mental health services are currently operating and how they can be transformed.

The Community Mental Health Transformation (CMHT) programme has provided a second year of Innovation Funds worth £360,000, which 24 local Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) partners across Coventry and Warwickshire will receive. VCSE's play a crucial role in delivering mental health care for adults and older adults with severe mental health needs.  With further funding, we can ensure that more people who need support can be reached.  Read more at:

CMHT Funded Training

From safeguarding to mental health awareness, bid-writing and Canva design skills, we are committed to helping VCSEs improve their skills, creating networking opportunities and publicise the amazing work of third sector organisations out to a wider audience. See the full programme across Coventry and Warwickshire of Community Mental Health Transformation VCSE training on Eventbrite here.

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