Are you looking for a Team Volunteering activity?

A group could be anything from 2 to 40+ volunteers, from teams of employees looking for a day or two days of volunteering or even a group of friends.

There are plenty of ways to have some fun whilst volunteering for a good cause.

We can help you build a relationship with a not-for-profit organisation in Coventry’s VCSE Alliance and find out what is most useful for them. We can send the information you give us to organisations in our network and ask them to contact you directly.

Or why don't you take a look yourself? 

Register and Search for Group Volunteering roles on Simply Connect 

To find suitable roles:

On the role search page, using the “Activities I am interested in” filter, select “Employee and Group volunteering” from the drop-down list, and click “Search.”

Teams will either need to create a Volunteer Profile for their business/group, or the person arranging the activity can create one as themselves in order to Register Interest in roles.

Case Study:

VAC recently connected a team from Jaguar Landrover with Roz Hossein, Volunteer Coordinator at All Saints Church Allesley. The churchyard had gotten into a sadly neglected state, with the church’s committed team of older volunteers unable to tackle some of the tasks like they used to. With an important need for the space to be cared for and a restful place for relatives to visit the graves of their loved ones, we put Roz in touch with JLR’s small group of employee volunteers looking to make a difference. And what a difference! They tackled strimming, mowing, weeding and tidying and absolutely transformed the plot, to the delight and amazement of Roz: “Thank you is not enough for hours of work they put in, getting it so much in order and so much looks so much better, and I could not have asked for more or met such wonderful people.”

Sometimes support can come in the form of skills sharing rather than offers of groups of employee volunteers. Charities often need pro bono support, skills sharing/training, and fundraising. This could be using your employer-supported volunteer hours to plan a fundraiser or an event for an organisation for example.

Links to organisations who could match your expertise to good causes

Pledge Your Support | Make Good Grow

Cranfield Trust

Neighbourly - where businesses help local good causes

Email our Volunteering Officer Francesca for more information