The Vision for Volunteering is here!

This Vision for Volunteering tackles five key themes - awareness and appreciation of volunteering; power; equity and inclusion; collaboration; and experimentation - and explores how volunteering must adapt and evolve in each area.

We're delighted to see that the Vision for Volunteering has been published - you can find it at  

Whatever your role and your involvement with volunteering, we hope that you'll find it insightful and inspiring as together, we consider the ways to champion the vision in Coventry.

At the heart of the Vision for Volunteering are five key themes:

•           Awareness and appreciation of volunteering

•           Power

•           Equity and inclusion

•           Collaboration

•           Experimentation.

In each of these, the Vision for Volunteering partners (NCVO, Volunteering Matters, NAVCA, AVM and Sport England) set out ambitions for what volunteering should look like and how this will make volunteers feel about their roles, by 2032. The Vision also includes a section considering how to define volunteering, a discussion of how volunteering is changing and evolving, and a description of how the Vision was developed.

Vision for Volunteering