Christopher Williams - Volunteer of the month June 2023

The VCSE Alliance Coventry nominate their volunteer of the month and Voluntary Action Coventry Spreads the word!

Christopher Williams is a Volunteer at Wellness Junction Broad Street Hall. He has been a volunteer at Broad Street since 2020 and works with Wellness Junction to help them by doing loads of chores; from manual handling, to meet and greet, sharing experiences, to DJ sessions for the group - which they enjoyed a lot! Christopher wants to use this platform to share his story and encourage more people to volunteer: 

"Volunteering helped me; not only in developing my skills, but it also made me feel proud of myself and improved my mental health. In 2020, after Covid, I lost my job and struggled for basic needs like food on the table.  I had no-one to help and support me which resulted in anxiety and mental health issues. I heard about Surrinder Dhillon and Minnie Basu’s project Wellness Junction for diverse communities who feel isolated. In these sessions they not only offer a safe space to socialise, but they arrange to have a meal together.

I visited to one of these sessions with the hope that I might have some food as well, but when I reached there it was not only food, I enjoyed the company of people and the opportunity to do something. I never forgot that day when Minnie asked me to eat with them... My journey started from that day as I became a volunteer, and I started doing small chores; like setting the tables and chairs, lifting, gardening, decorating and shopping for elderly and lonely people. Doing this voluntary work not only improved my skills but I felt myself having a family who supported me in my bad times and developed me into a person I want to be. I am now a Professional DJ who is working for “Mackbees Crew” and performing all over England. I am heartily thankful to the Wellness Junction for helping me in the journey of Hardships and bringing me to the stage that I would never have reached without them being in my life. I  don't believe that I will ever pay them back, but I do my best by being available for volunteering with Wellness Junction twice a week no matter what. I also want to thank VAC as they are doing great job not only by bringing the light in the life of their volunteers but also highlighting the success stories so other can prompt to become volunteer."

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