The Sustainability & Transformation Plan and 'place based working'

Voluntary Action Coventry’s joint briefing for voluntary sector providers with Warwickshire Community And Voluntary Action on 29th September was very well-attended. We will be circulating some more information in November including a FAQ sheet based on questions asked on the day. The two Health & Wellbeing Boards for Coventry & Warwickshire met together for the first time last week. Our event with UHCW on 24 November is partly aimed at continuing to build relationships between voluntary sector providers & clinicians in the meantime, then our focus will shift towards smaller, more targeted & focused workshops for voluntary sector providers & statutory colleagues around specific STP themes and priorities in 2017.  These will be organised jointly with CAVA according to the ‘footprint’ (geographical area) for that theme or priority.

“Place-based working” is the term often used by statutory colleagues for considering whether services are best delivered at regional, sub-regional, city, district or neighbourhood level. For example, Andrea Green at VAC’s recent CCG event talked about the importance of bringing together teams of GPs and community-based staff around specific areas of around 50,000 people to bring in and make use of those local statutory and community assets that provide the levers for people to make the changes for themselves to alleviate or help prevent long-term conditions such as diabetes. Integrated Neighbourhood Teams and some of the thinking around proposed Family Hubs illustrate this approach to integrated working.