Chat Central

Helping to combat loneliness and isolation in Coventry

Hi all,

During this time of Covid-19 and closures of social meeting places, it is even more important that we keep trying to find ways to keep connected and not let anyone fall into increasing isolation and loneliness
We are running a whole load of on-line sessions, different activities and social gatherings.  We are also coordinating phone chats with people who don’t have the internet and also letter writing.
If you want to take part in any of the activities as a participant and/or a volunteer – please do let me know and I will keep you informed.
Heather Parker, CHat Central Coordinator 07840 550801

Are you living with loneliness or social isolation - or know someone who is?

We can help connect with local community and meet new friends.

Chat Central is a project that aims to help people to find others with similar interests, to have fun, to join in with a hobby, to get involved with their community and to find new friends, tackling loneliness and isolation in all its forms in Coventry

How we can help?

We will help people to explore their interests and start doing the things they want to do. This might be:

  • meeting new friends
  • rediscovering your interests or finding new ones
  • building your confidence.
  • volunteering

Our support will be tailored to the person’s needs and can be anything from a one off visit to us for information to longer term support.

Our volunteers can go with people to try activities and chat with them regularly about how they feel, so that we aim to make sure they are able to keep up with activities and connections.

Who we can help?

We can help people anyone in Coventry who is 18 or over who feel isolated or alone. You may be:

  • bereaved
  • retired
  • a new parent
  • just out of hospital
  • dealing with an illness or condition that limits your ability to get out.

How do I get involved?

Simply come to a drop in session or contact us through email or phone and make an appointment to chat to one of our advisors - we will ask what you would like to do and work out how we can help you to do it -  we can come with you to groups, suggest activities, match you up with similar people for a coffee and a chat.


If you would like to be one of our Chat Central volunteers – there are various roles and we welcome everyone – to find out more contact as below

Drop-in Sessions

This service is suspended at the moment due to the coronavirus

Contact us on or call Heather on 07840 550 801