Improving Lives Project

VAC’s second Improving Lives course will begin on Wednesday 16th January at our building on 27-29 Trinity Street, Coventry CV1 1FJ.

The aim of this 8 week course is to support unemployed participants into volunteer roles that meets their needs, increase their confidence and feeling connected to their communities and that, in addition, may be used as a stepping stone into employment. Sessions run every Wednesday and Friday from 10:30am – 1:30pm.

During this 8 week course, we will be:

  • Supporting participants to assess their current situation and to identify their personal strengths and barriers
  • Allowing individuals to practise team work skills and gain peer support, feedback and encouragement from other course participants
  • Giving participants the tools to set goals and plan their volunteering and/or employment journey
  • Exploring personal reasons and hopes for volunteering
  • Offering support to develop a CV and to practise application forms and interviews
  • Discussing the benefits of volunteering for wellbeing and how participants may use their volunteering experience to transition into employment
  • Participating in group visits to different organisations who involve volunteers
  • Helping to plan transitions into volunteering or employment in a way that is sustainable
  • Enabling participants to create a volunteer profile, and to search, filter and apply for suitable roles

The course is open to anyone in Coventry who is not working, feels they could benefit and wants to get involved.
Spaces are limited to 15 per course and can fill up fast so for more details, to refer an interested individual or to request a registration form your yourself or somebody you know, please contact Cheska or Sara on 024 7622 0381 or email