The VCSE Alliance

What our team can offer you!

Hi, I am Ruth Burdett; I am the VCSE Liaison Officer with Voluntary Action Coventry. I have over 25 years of volunteering, and working in the voluntary and statutory sector, and my passion is for enabling and building people and communities.

The aim of the role

Is to enable the voluntary sector to have a stronger voice in Coventry, to be able to inform and influence changes in the way services are delivered, particularly through the Integrated Care System, but also to increase the awareness of the positive impact the voluntary sector makes to disadvantaged peoples and communities. We will also provide opportunities to discuss challenges celebrate achievements and explore collaboration within thematic areas, such as health and wellbeing, children and families, and so on.

One of the main questions is how to involve small, medium and evolving organisations in statutory decision making, particularly through the Integrated Care Systems.  We want to raise awareness, as well as capture a picture of the work that is being done at ground level that benefits communities that will help to inform statutory organisations and other bodies,

What is important to you?

Mindful of this, my current work is around creating conversations with small and medium VCSE  organisations to see what their achievements, and challenges are, what issues are important to them and their members, as well as what involvement they have in groups and activities  that give them a voice in local place and planning. We want to shine a light on our least seen VCSEs. This in turn will start creating a foundation of evidence of the impact of the smaller voluntary sector organisations in Coventry so that we can highlight them as sources of knowledge, intelligence of their communities, reach and delivery in the development of new structures and ways of working.

Setting up new strategies, systems and ways of working, in partnership and collaboration, take time and resources, a different construction of meanings and relationships and this beginning is part of the process.

Coming up

Our next workshop will be a networking and information sharing session around the theme of Health and wellbeing to discuss what smaller and medium VCSE organisations are offering, the impact they are making and the challenges they are facing, there will be opportunities to begin thinking about collaboration. Although everyone is welcome. Date: 28 April 2023 at VAC 10am to 12.00.

If you are interested, know of someone who is interested, or have any questions please contact me: 024 7531 5909

I am Nicky Smith VCSE Alliance Coventry Comms Lead and I hope to be able to shine the spotlight on the fantastic work of the VCSE in Coventry. The many amazing hands who support, encourage, identify and build skills and signpost.  

Shout about your organisation

We have engaged a media studies student volunteer who is going to do some filming and digital storytelling to raise awareness of the layers of the VCSE working together in Coventry to support real people; capturing relatable, inspirational, or emotive stories about people to rouse support and maintain profile.

Often the third sector is overshadowed by the work of the NHS or Local Authority; so, we hope to create content that demonstrates similar outcomes,  the films may also link to broader policy-based themes. We will take a sensitive person-centred approach, build trust and rapport with people receiving services and staff members.

Digital Storytelling

We edit together short films to share on social media. Developing stories that can build momentum via social media posting. Content will be disseminated back to yourselves so you can reshare on your platforms to shout about your own organisation and strengthen the impact of the work of the sector in combating social issues and ‘narrowing the gap.’  


  • You can use the opportunity to highlight their own organisations, its location, what it does, who it helps and the benefits for people engaging.
  • We will demonstrate the breadth and quality of services and support structures that are available in the city by the VCSE alliance.
  • We will demonstrate a cohesive approach of charities working together – demonstrating sustainability and value for money.
  • Create emotive and informative content that promotes shared values and social models of diversity, compassion, positive change and positive outcomes for people (based on what they say they want rather than other people saying what they need).

Get involved

Please do get in touch if you would like to get involved in the making of these short films and if you can offer filming / interviewing opportunities or if you wish to nominate any of your amazing volunteers for ‘volunteer of the month’ we will then spotlight and share!