Improving Lives

Our Improving Lives project helps to support people experiencing disadvantage to access volunteering opportunities and community activity that will increase their confidence and self-esteem.

Improving Lives is for you if you are…..

* Looking to increase your self-esteem and build your confidence

* Ready to gain experience to help you transition into employment

* Wanting to learn new, improve or update your existing skills

* Needing a reference to support your job application

What to expect….

* Take part in group sessions in an inclusive environment to explore the benefits of volunteering for your health, wellbeing and future options

* Access one to one support to help you find a volunteering role that meets your interests and needs, and that can improve your job prospects.  We’ll also give ongoing support to help you settle into you placement

* If you aren’t sure which role is right for you, we can help you to try out a range of activities

* We offer help to fill in application forms, develop a volunteer profile and prepare for voluntary and job interviews

Improving Lives aims….

The aim of our 8 week Improving Lives course which is funded through the Henry Smith charity is to support unemployed participants into volunteer roles that meet their needs, increase their confidence and the feeling of being connected to their communities, which may also be used as a stepping stone into employment.  

The course comprises of 16 sessions, with participants attending two three hour sessions per weeks over 8 weeks and is limited to 15 participants per course.

Improving Lives aims to:

* Support participants to assess their current situation and to identify their personal strengths and barriers

* Allow individuals to practice team work skills and gain peer support, feedback and encouragement from other course participants

* Give participants the tools to set goals and plan their volunteering and/or employment journey

* Explore personal reasons and hopes for volunteering

* Offer support to develop a CV and to practice application forms and interviews 

* Discuss the benefits of volunteering for wellbeing and how participants may use their volunteering experience to transition into employment

* Use group visits to organisations that involve volunteers to give participants an idea of the wide range of opportunities available, and a taste of what volunteering might be like for them

* Help to plan transitions into volunteering or employment in a way that is sustainable 

* Enable participants to create a volunteer profile, and to search, filter and apply for suitable roles

Session outlines include:

Week 1 Introductory session; Communication skills and working as a group

Week 2 Volunteering overview, Goal setting

Week 3 Action planning; First volunteer placement visit

Week 4 Volunteering and you; Second volunteer placement visit

Week 5 CV writing; Third volunteer placement visit 

Week 6 Developing application forms; Preparing for interviews

Week 7 Managing your transition; Developing next steps

Week 8 Finding a volunteer placement; Review and reflection

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