Chat Central for Youth (CC4Y) News April 2021

This spring VAC are running lots of sessions aimed at getting people involved, making friends, getting ‘out there’ and more active. We are all different and need different things, so we have created lots of different ways to get involved in VAC and feel connected, no matter what your age or confidence level.

Chat Central for Youth works with young adults aged 16-25 and events are tailored for young people, Active Central is for people who want to boost their activity levels and Chat Central continues its brilliant work with adults from 18+

Out and about

Thankfully with news about lockdown restrictions lessening we will also meet up in groups of six for park walks on Wednesdays from 21st April for adults aged 18 plus and also Thursday evening park fitness sessions for 16-25 year olds at 5pm. Currently you have to book for the park meet ups so that we can manage numbers and keep to restrictions.

Please message Nicky 07541 343491 on Mondays to let her know if you will be coming along that week.

We will meet outside pretty much whatever the weather so please bring along a raincoat or brolly. We also can’t wait for Friday 18th June as we are hosting an Anti Hybernation party in groups of 6 for 16-25 year olds from 5pm onwards at The VAC base in Coventry Centre. There will be some snacks and tunes and games.

We have Zoom sessions galore as you can see from the schedule below, please just turn up and give the Zoom sessions a try, see what you enjoy. They are cost free. For those young adults aged 16-25 who don’t enjoy the face to face camera on zoom sessions we are starting a ‘no camera’ zoom drop in session which is a great opportunity to have a chat without the pressure of cameras and the video call. 

Join us here

Here is a timetable and links below:

Here is a timetable and links below:

A group of women dancingDescription automatically generated with medium confidenceTuesdays 4pm Dancing Zoom – just turn up!

Seyedah is taking us through Iranian Dancing. It is an event for women who are 18 plus. Join along on Zoom:

Wednesdays 21st April from 3-5pm – War Memorial park walk for an afternoon stroll and chill for ages 18 plus : Wednesday workout 7pm for ages 18 plus – just turn up! Get a little out of breath, stretch and work different muscle groups. Join along on Zoom:

Thursdays chair yoga 4pm for ages plus – just turn up! Join along on Zoom

Thursdays from 15th April 5-6.30pm –  we will start meeting at War Memorial Park for walks, tennis, kickaround, picnic for ages 16-25

Friday night Fake Away, Cook and eat 6pm – For ages 16-25 . Click here to join

Saturday goalsetting 11am for ages 18 plus – just turn up! We will chat and share tips and ideas for making healthy wellbeing changes. We will talk about some of the reasons why things haven’t worked in the past and everyone will set some small goals. These goals ARE NOT specific weight loss goals but they will focus us in on what we want to work on and changes in our routines. These might be; reducing high calorie snacking, increasing intake of greens, reducing eating late at night or reducing alcohol intake and steps that we will take to make these happen. We are all different!

Join along via Zoom

Healthy Lifestyle Inspiration

Some interesting reading about black and white thinking: