Chat Central for Youth - CC4Y

Voluntary Action Coventry has been making people a little stronger since 1957, supporting hundreds of people into community roles each year. We are a nice bunch and have an open-door policy. Give us a try.

The world has changed so much, some for better and some for worse. The recent YouGov survey found that 31 per cent of 18-24 year olds said they felt lonely often or all of the time and this was undertaken before the pandemic! Loneliness is harmful to our health. 

The CC4Y Project will engage young people from all areas of Coventry, whether new to the city, a student from overseas, a refugee, migrant or an established resident. Building people up with the confidence to form new social connections and try new things.

Meet ups 

Wed 9 March - Ziferblat cafe 4pm 

Sat 19 March  - Bus trip to Leamington Spa 2pm-6pm 

Wed 23 March - Ziferblat cafe 4pm 

Wed 6 April - Ziferblat cafe 4pm 

Wed 20 April - Ziferblat cafe 4pm 

What to expect:

  1. A one-to-one chat  with the project Engagement Officer.
  2. We will find out your interest in activities and will try to offer you support tailored to your specific needs and where you want to be.
  3. We will sometimes bring participants together in pairs or small groups.
  4. Activities will take place during Evenings and Weekends.
  5. There will be tutorials, Zoom!  cafe meet ups, polls, bus trips, walks, activities like wall climbing and horse riding

Chat Central for Youth Engagement Officer Nicky Smith will tell you more about the project here on this YouTube clip.


Let us know if you want to make it along.

Watch our Microwave Mug Cake tutorial here!

"I feel a lot less lonely and closer to people after being involved with Chat Central for Youth, it has really improved my wellbeing." Participant

"I have been sent your post for the Manga drawing session and I think my daughter would absolutely love to do it, she loves Manga." Parent

"I don't speak to my friends about my Mental Health so talking to Nicky from Chat Central for Youth really helps me. Especially with my confidence in talking to other people. Since I have started speaking with Nicky I feel a lot less anxious in talking on the phone. I noticed I can open up a lot better to them and that makes me feel a lot better through the week." Participant

"Clearly you have the magic touch. When I last spoke to my client they sounded so much more confident than they had on other occasions and the only thing that had changed was meeting yourself. Thank-you so much for your support with this young person, hopefully this is now a positive step forward." Youth Employability Coach


Please check our social media pages for the latest information on our sessions and competitions! 



CC4Y funders: The National Lottery Covid-19 Response Fund, Eveson Charitable Trust, Sheldon Trust, Garfield Weston Foundation, Baron Davenports Charity