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Are you 18 plus? Living in Coventry? We are here to help you get more active.

We often beat ourselves up because we aren’t doing what we think we should be. It’s the mind playing tricks on us, because all it really takes is a few small changes over the week that we stick to. Over time these small changes start having an impact. It’s not quick and you won’t be in smaller jeans in a week, but this way is proven to work and easier to stick to.

These goals ARE NOT specific weight loss goals but they will focus us in on what we want to work on and changes in our routines. These might be; reducing high calorie snacking, increasing intake of greens, reducing eating late at night or reducing alcohol intake and steps that we will take to make these happen. We are all different!

This project is for adults of all ages and physical abilities (18 plus). We also offer a range of other fitness activities to try and see what you might enjoy; chair yoga, dance, park walks, park tennis, a kick about, progressive muscle relaxation and more. This is meant to be fun, you don’t have to be the best, or look your best, but it’s about making changes together.  

Listen to a 12 minute interview co-ordinated by Coventry University's OT dept with Volunteer Terry Wesson and Engagement Officer Nicky Smith about Active Central, volunteering and community

Mondays 10 - 11.30am, Allesley Park for a light walk and social 

Wednesdays: 3.00-4.30pm, War Memorial Walks. Join us for a relaxing afternoon stroll and chill. This event is for 18 plus – so not suitable for 16 and 17 year olds. Unless it’s lashing down with rain, we do try and get out – bring your raincoat and umbrella!  We can only have six people meeting in small groups outside at a time so please do make sure that you let us know by Monday of that week if you are coming so that we can plan accordingly.

Every other Thursday: 1.15- 3pm,  The Warwick Road United Reformed Church’s large room 

These are community sessions aimed at getting Coventry adults healthier and beating social isolation. We are getting people together to combat some of the barriers that stop people making positive changes. We will offer a coffee morning run by volunteers with either chair yoga, some gentle exercise, healthy eating tips and the following activities:

11th Nov - Bingo and prizes, photography, exercise and wellbeing motivation session 

25th Nov – Craft, watercolour painting, exercise and wellbeing motivation session 

9th Dec - Christmas wish theme, exercise and wellbeing motivation session and mayor visit!

"Thank you for the session today.  I learned a lot about foods, how to manage my condition better and exercises I can do with my mobility problems and follow.  It was a really useful session.  I feel more motivated to make some of the changes in my diet and be more active.  I am looking forward to meeting up in the park again to increase my activity and social experience which is really important to me because I spend a lot of time at home alone and don't venture out and meet up with people often."


Nicky Smith (Engagement Officer, Active Central)

Tel: 07541 343491


This project is funded by Heart of England Trust and from Aug 2021 onwards The William A Cadbury Charitable Trust 

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