Volunteers' Week June 2021: Mental health and wellbeing

Mental health and wellbeing News

Mental health and wellbeing have suffered during the covid-19 pandemic, but volunteers at Chat Central have created space for people to lose themselves for an hour or so, to connect with others through online activities from  art, yoga, to dance and discussion. Enabling the attendees to feel less isolated and experience a shared moment of space away from the day to day stress of the pandemic.

Active Central is working with people to help them increase their levels of connection, activity and their wellbeing,

Our thanks go to all our volunteers, but a particular thank you goes to Seyedah.

Seyedah has run over 90 art and craft and dance sessions for Chat Central. She also ran sessions this and last year about Norwuz (Persian Spring). Here are appreciations for the amazing work that Seyedah does.”

Volunteers are essential to the activities and events that we run at Chat Central. Here is some feedback about our fabulous volunteers.”

Feedback from our Volunteer run Arts and Craft sessions:

To find out more about Chat Central contact Heather and Olugbemi, or for more about Active Central contact Nicky Smith (Engagement Officer, Active Central) Tel: 07541 343491