Volunteers' Week June 2021: Integrate Coventry

Big Thanks to all the volunteers and voluntary organisations that have continued to operate during the pandemic. VAC like lots of other organisations has moved many training and support sessions online, and has learned new ways of doing things!

By volunteering, especially through lockdown, people are giving of themselves freely to help others. Also, by being part of online support online, through Improving Lives, Progress, Chat Central, Accelerate and Integrate Coventry people have gained the confidence to start volunteering which has made a huge difference to their lives, developing their skills and confidence to take into the future, past the Covid-19 Pandemic and beyond, into their own positive journeys, alongside benefiting communities and society as a whole.

Even during the pandemic people have been able to start volunteering, and taking steps to move with purpose in their lives


Integrate Coventry Volunteer Sonani (picture) has been effortlessly supporting her community through the COVID-19 pandemic by providing, whilst maintaining social distance, emotional support, cooking food for her neighbours, advice & guidance. 

Sonani supported a lady who was going through pregnancy during the pandemic and required advice. Now the individual has the support they required. Sonani also supported another lady that had health issues to empower them to embrace and maintain a healthier lifestyle through the pandemic crisis. The individual was able to do so by Sonani cooking food for them and encouraging them to go on walks. All the people that have been helped are in a better place now and have the support that they need.

Sonani’s values and beliefs embraces women’s empowerment and aspires to create a social enterprise which understands and supports the youth in Coventry – to alleviate poverty by understanding their needs and seeing what support they need to empower them in their future, education and employability.

We presented Sonani with Thank You flowers for her continuous efforts to support the Coventry community.

A participant in Improving Lives course: 

 "I have finally started volunteering. Last week was my first week with ****.
I spend two days a week working at their community garden/allotment and I am really enjoying it. I know it has taken quite a while to find but I am so pleased to be doing something.

Another participant said:

 "Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. I have learnt a lot from you, and I am still learning from VAC. Nowadays, I am a volunteer in three different places”

Integrate Coventry provide a way for people new to the UK with leave to remain to start their new lives safely and well. we value our volunteers and as part of Volunteers Week, we are highlighting the work of one individual who has been making a difference to her neighbours’ lives.“. 

Contact Ruth Burdett / Viktoria Sesi or text/ phone 07707436034 or 0784 967 5850.