Volunteers’ Week June 2021

Celebrating Volunteers' Week: 1-7 June 2021

A time to say thanks (National Council of Voluntary Organisations (2021))

Recognising the contribution of volunteers to communities during coronavirus This Volunteers’ Week we are encouraging everyone to take the time to say thank you to all volunteers! During an exceptionally difficult year, people from all walks of life around the UK have taken the time to volunteer and made a huge difference to people and their communities – just as they do every year. Despite the restrictions coronavirus has placed on our daily lives, volunteers and charities have been active through lockdowns and new waves of restrictions to support people, their communities and local environments. We want to recognise all of those who have continued delivering vital work as volunteers over the past 12 months but also all those who usually volunteer but have not been able to because of the pandemic.

Volunteers are always active in the heart of every UK community. They are behind many of the services we all rely on. Some are now volunteering online from home, others in person with a local charity or organisation. Their crucial contribution has not stopped, despite the uncertain times we find ourselves in, and will continue as an important part of the nation’s recovery.

The contribution of volunteers is often unseen and unrecognised by many, visible only through the incredible impact of their volunteering. However, the coronavirus pandemic has rightly raised the profile of volunteering and more people than ever are aware of the immense contribution being made every single day by Britain’s volunteers. That is why, on this 37th annual #VolunteersWeek and during the #MonthofCommunity, it’s time to say: thank you volunteers!

Volunteers’ Week launches Tuesday 1 June – A time to say thanks!

Join the first day of Volunteers’ Week 2021 online. It’s time to share #VolunteersWeek to celebrate the start of the week and help us trend worldwide again. This year has highlighted the vital role volunteers play across the UK and we want to make sure everyone is aware that this is a week to recognise their impact, think about volunteering ourselves and plan to support volunteering in the future. Share your own story about volunteering during a pandemic over the past 12 months, inspire others to get involved in volunteering, or say thank you to an amazing volunteer you know using #VolunteersWeek! #Volunteers Week,

From 1 – 7 June - Please join Voluntary Action Coventry in recognising and thanking all volunteers who supported our communities throughout this pandemic and all who usually volunteer but have not been able to because of Coronavirus. Join VAC in celebrating the work volunteers have done through lockdown, and the difference they have made, and continue to make in their communities

Through some thank yous, stories from volunteers and some of the differences that volunteering has made, and will continue to make to people in the future. Join us on our journey through volunteers’ week 2021. Next year we hope to meet up in person again!

Voluntary Action Coventry could not deliver its services without the input of the volunteers who add that extra dimension and go the extra mile!