Community Business Trade Up

The School for Social Entreprenuers Midlands is offering a match trading grant of up to £10,000

This is a free programme and comes with a Match Trading grant of up to £10,000

Applicants must be leading organisations that are:

  • Locally rooted – your organisation exists to benefit your local neighbourhood, village or town; your local area is at the heart of what you do
  • Accountable to the local community – you consult local people about what you do, and communicate with them
  • Trading for the benefit of the local community – you want to increase your income from trading by at least £10,000 in the next year, with profits re-invested to benefit your local community
  • Making a broad community impact – what you do engages different groups of people from your local area

The deadline for applications is 1:00pm on 27th November 2019.
Apply here