6 Week Learn to Nordic Walk course

The Coventry Be Active Be Healthy Team are starting a 6 week Learn to Nordic Walk course.

It is starting on Wednesday 18th May 2016 from 5.30 – 6.30pm at the War Memorial Park. 

Cost £15 or £9 with passport to leisure or Over 60s. 

Nordic poles will be provided during the training.

Spaces are limited so please book as soon as possible.

Benefits of Nordic Walking

  • Tones the upper and lower body at the same time
  • Uses 90% of the skeletal muscles
  • Burns up to 46% more calories than ordinary walking
  • Reduces the pressure on knees and joints
  • Great for the heart and lungs
  • Ideal for neck, shoulder and back problems
  • Poles propel the walker along, making it easier to move faster than normal without feeling the effort.
  • It is one of the most effective cross training techniques for athletes and sports people who need ultimate cardiovascular and endurance conditioning.

Other benefits

  • Can be done anywhere - no need for hills, country paths or even snow!
  • It appeals to all ages and fitness levels.
  • No need to wear special exercise clothing
  • It's very sociable - you can chat as you go!
  • It is easy to learn and to keep up.
  • It combines exercise with nature - proven to boost your mood.

See poster below for more information.