VCSE Membership and Specialist Support/Services Fees

VCSE Alliance Membership Policy


VCSE Alliance membership is open to all voluntary, community organisations or social enterprises based (or active) in Coventry.  

Subject to the restrictions below, VCSE membership is open to:

  • social enterprises 
  • independent employee/member/retired persons social associations
  • sports and leisure clubs and societies
  • parent / teacher associations and out of school clubs
  • independent ‘Friends Of’ associations or similar
  • volunteering associations supporting public sector organisations such as hospitals, provided that such associations have full financial and decision-making independence from the public sector organisations they support
  • Saturday / supplementary schools
  • faith organisations

VCSE Membership is not open to:

  • Private sector organisations
  • Any organisation able to distribute profits to individual or corporate members or owners
  • Public sector organisations including executive agencies and quangos
  • Political parties, trade unions and party political organisations
  • Organisations or projects owned or controlled by public or private sector organisations (e.g. local authority controlled companies)
  • Subsidiary organisations of an existing VAC member (e.g. trading subsidiaries)
  • Any organisation with objectives which contravene VAC’s Equality & Diversity policy or which are, in the reasonable opinion of the VAC Board, inconsistent with the values of VAC.

Approval Process

Approval of VCSE membership of VAC is based on meeting the above eligibility criteria. VAC does not vet organisations in any way nor their policies and procedures or working practices. VCSE Alliance membership is subject to the Chief Executive’s approval. The Management Board of VAC will be notified of the approved groups at their subsequent meeting.

Organisations not deemed eligible may still be held on the database and receive VAC communications but will not have membership rights nor access to some benefits.

Renewal of Membership

At the beginning of April each year, VAC will automatically renew VCSE Alliance membership unless otherwise notified by members.  VAC will contact members to check that information held is still correct and to confirm that membership has been renewed. 

Retention of membership information and Data Protection

Unless instructed otherwise membership forms will be retained by VAC for a period of three years after which time they will be securely destroyed.  For further information regarding data protection please click on link

If you would like a copy of VAC’s Data Protection policy please email us at

Suspension or termination of membership

VAC reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate the membership of an organisation if its continued membership of the VCSE Alliance could potentially bring VAC into disrepute.  Suspension can be immediate subject to authorisation by an officer of the Board and termination would be decided by a regular meeting of the Board having given the organisation reasonable opportunity to respond and to remedy the issue that has brought about their suspension. The decision of the VAC trustees shall be final.  

Benefits of VCSE Alliance Membership

Free to all Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprises in Coventry

Access to VCSE themed events/ networks 

A variety of VCSE focused forums and networking events held throughout the year

Access to the volunteer brokerage service

Your volunteering opportunities promoted on Volunteer Connect Volunteer enquirers with the skills you’re looking for signposted to your organisation 

Entry into VAC on-line Directories

Information about your group/services included in the Voluntary  Sector Directory on the VAC website

Access to information via e-bulletin

Up to date information on policy development, new initiatives, funding opportunities and events relevant to the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector

Your information included in e-bulletins/social media

Information you wish to share with others in the Alliance included in editions of the e-bulletin (i.e. job adverts, or new services) Your information shared through VAC social media

Voting rights at AGM

As a member you will be able to vote at the AGM and join the management committee 

VCSE specialists support/services

Type of support

Support available



Access to a range of accredited/non-accredited training i.e. First Aid in the workplace, safeguarding,

Fire Marshal training

Variable depending on course

duration/ accreditation

Bespoke training for your organisations staff/trustees or volunteers

Variable depending on duration


Tailored communication campaigns to a range of stakeholders

Variable depending on format and size of mailing

Revised January 2021, Next review day March 2022