Our work

VAC supports and develops voluntary and community activity in Coventry

Our current work fits into three areas:

Supporting the most vulnerable people in Coventry by:

Providing advice and support to sustain voluntary and community organisations that offer services to vulnerable people
Helping individuals and groups to develop new approaches that meet the emerging needs of vulnerable people and communities
Using our network of voluntary and community organisations to cascade information/promote services that keep people well in Coventry
Working in partnership with voluntary, public, private, academic and faith sectors to tackle local issues
Managing targeted funding programmes that bring about change in communities

Encouraging personal responsibility, pride and releasing the potential of residents by:

Developing a culture of social responsibility in Coventry - supporting individuals to identify their assets and realise their ambitions through active citizenship
Creating a social action movement in Coventry that empowers residents
Sharing information about voluntary and community activity in Coventry
Leading community volunteering projects that tackle local issues
Providing support and advice to disadvantaged people that experience barriers to volunteering

Encouraging independence and self sufficiency within the voluntary sector by:

Preparing and supporting the voluntary sector to respond to public sector service cuts
Developing and sharing new approaches to delivering services in partnership
Supporting voluntary and statutory organisations to maximise assets and pool resources
Encouraging groups to explore sustainable approaches and new income generation