Meet our Members

Who are the members of VAC and what do they do?

VAC currently has a wide range of members providing much needed help and support to vulnerable people and communities in the city.  Each month this page will be updated to reflect a selection of 20 members so keep checking back for updates. Information on all VAC members can be found in our online Directory

Chosen Lives Cooperative Ltd
Supports adults with learning disabilities. The co-operative is operated by its members who include the people who live at the service and other independent advisors. People who live at the service are supported to live more independent lives by living within a shared address. They are supported by people employed to provide personal care and domestic support to them in their own home.

Timeout Counselling
Provide counselling in Coventry to anyone who seeks it.  They have a particular focus on and area of expertise working with people who identify as being or wonder if they might be LGBT, or who have family members who identify as such.  They also provide a school service where they go in to schools and offer counselling to pupils who are (or are questioning) their LGBT identities or who have family members who are LGBT.  

Amba Care
Amba Care provides health and housing solutions to improve the overall health outcomes and quality of life of individuals and communities in Coventry, Warwickshire and the wider West Midlands.  They support the management of long term conditions such as diabetes, mental health, obesity, dementia and COPD through project based solutions such as the Health Passport and Dementia Diversity Exchange.

Rainbow Community Development CIO
Facilitates and supports the development of positive collaborative relationships between new communities in Coventry, creating opportunities for them to come together to foster community cohesion and racial harmony whilst encouraging communities to support each other through sharing their experience of settling and integrating in Coventry.  Their aim is to secure a community facility to deliver services such as advice, guidance and information, cultural events and encourage social interaction.

Tools for Self Reliance
Tools for Self Reliance operate as a small voluntary support group led mainly by ex-engineering sector backgrounds to refurbish small hand tools which are then sent to Africa. They obtain donations of tools to refurbish which their weekly workshop volunteers restore.

Family Lives Volunteer Visiting Service
The Family Lives Volunteer Visiting Service matches trained volunteers with parents who are going through challenging times and whose children are subject to Child Protection/Child In Need/CAF plans. The volunteers help them to recognise and use their strengths and work towards agreed goals so they feel stronger and better able to manage family life.

Carriers of Hope
Provides practical help to asylum seekers, refugees and EU Migrants living in poverty. They do this by passing on donations from the wider community to the families in need.

Esence is a non-profitable social enterprise providing holistic healthcare and therapeutic activities for older adults who live with the challenge of long term health conditions, such as dementia. The service is mobile and enhances life quality and well-being for vulnerable, often isolated, older adults in the community.

Friends of Spencer Park and recreation ground
A group of local residents who work collectively to improve the amenities of Spencer Park Recreation Ground in Earlsdon.

Mhondoro-Mubayra Community UK Group
The organisation aims to develop social cohesion between individuals, families and groups from Southern Africa.  They aim to provide access to a range of support services including supplementary education, health awareness sessions, information advice and guidance whilst also celebrating Southern African cultures and heritage.

New Start for U CIC
New Start for U CIC is a career development and learning centre mainly, but not only for eastern European migrants.  They aim to help unskilled migrants to gain skills and move into employment, education and training and to help skilled people to contribute to the UK economy by gaining employment related to their qualifications.  

ASSIST Trauma Care
ASSIST Trauma Care is a specialist Third Sector (Not-for-Profit) Organisation offering therapeutic help to adults and children, individuals and families, affected by a wide range of traumatic occurrences. ASSIST therapists have been trained to use evidence-based models to help sufferers rebuild their lives and move on following a traumatic experience that has impacted them. ASSIST therapists work with both the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and also with Traumatic Bereavement and Grief.

Bawar Association
Supports people from Kurdish communities to integrate into UK society through providing information, advice and guidance support to develop English, Kurdish and Arabic languages, religious education, Kurdish culture, heritage and welfare support.

In A Muddle
In A Muddle is a community group that supports children and young people who have been affected by bullying by offering help and support to victims by running a youth club three to four times a week.  The project aims to promote confidence, self-esteem and social interaction by offering a safe and supportive environment where young people can express themselves without fear of being bullied.  They also aim to reduce the effects that bullying has on the young person's life early on to avoid any lasting long term effects.

Albany Theatre Trust
The Trust are committed to the provision of arts for all and dedicated to the belief that arts, entertainment and cultural expression in a variety of forms can improve quality of life.

National Energy Action
Aims to eradicate fuel poverty and campaigns for greater investment in energy efficiency to help those who are poor and vulnerable. The Home Energy Advice Team provides energy and fuel bill advice to all households including the elderly, families with young children, disabled households and black and ethnic minority groups in and around Coventry.

CSCN is a refugee led community organisation run for and by refugee and migrants, aiming to integrate refugees, migrants and their families into the wider Coventry community through removing barriers and providing a range of tailored support services.  Services include advice, guidance and information in areas such as benefits, welfare, education, employment, health and skills for life.

Watersmeet Community Hub
Watersmeet Community Hub aims to establish a thriving, dynamic, community centre in the heart of Wyken that promotes the values and worth of all people and encourages the active involvement of all.

Aims to challenge discrimination and social exclusion faced by BME communities with mental health problems, to raise awareness of mental health needs of BME people both within these communities and mainstream agencies.  They seek to establish a referral system and close working relationship with mental health agencies in the statutory and independent sectors to help improve the service experience and appropriateness of services developed and delivered for the benefit of people from BME communities.

Coventry Haven Women’s Aid
An independent women aid service, delivering specialist support and emergency accommodation to victims of domestic abuse and their children.