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Voluntary Action Coventry supports organisations in the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector in Coventry.

Our VCSE Alliance is free and open to all organisations that meet the criteria. To join our VCSE Alliance all you need to do is complete the Database Update Form and return to 


VCSE specalist support/services

Many of the VCSE Alliance benefits are free of charge but there are some services that VAC provides that can’t be offered for free, for example payroll and the cost of these support/services are available to download here.

Group Support Service 

VAC are currently able to offer two services to VCSE organisations that need support in Coventry, until we are able to identify funding to offer these services for free or at a subsidised rate a fee will have to be charged to cover VAC’s costs to all users of the services. The services on offer, fees and terms and conditions are available to download here.