Group Support

VAC supports voluntary and community groups in Coventry, aiming to develop them into sustainable, independent and effective organisations.

From April 2018 we will be offering the following support to VAC members:

Funding Searches – We can help you to find sources of funding to:

  • Help your group get started or develop new services or projects through revenue programmes
  • Identify capital funds for equipment or building purchases

Support for new groups – We can assist you in starting your group by helping you:

  • To define the purpose of your group
  • Develop a plan of where your group wants to go
  • With recruiting trustees or directors to your management committee
  • Select the right structure for your organisation
  • Create a governing document, whether a Charitable Constitution or a Terms of Reference

Support for established groups - We can help established groups to:

  • Develop long term strategic vision
  • Prepare medium and long term business plans
  • Prepare annual development plans and specific project plans,
  • Identify and apply for funding
  • Update governing documents
  • Develop policies and procedures

Bespoke Training - We offer a range of bespoke training tailored to the needs of individual voluntary and community organisations.  This might be a structured Trustee away day on strategic planning, a session on recruiting and retaining volunteers or in-depth guidance on creating policies and procedures that are right for your organisation.  Please contact Sue Ogle, Director of Operations & Development to discuss your needs on 024 7622 0381 or email

Bookings - If you would like an appointment for Funding Search or Group Support from April 2018 please email or contact our admin team on 024 7622 0381 who will book an appointment with our Group Support Officer.  Please do not contact the Officer direct as all bookings must be logged by our admin team.

Fees - From April 2018 VAC will no longer receive a grant from Coventry City Council to subsidise our work with groups in Coventry, therefore an hourly fee will be charged for any support that VAC provides to groups until we can secure funds to offer our services at a reduced rate or for free.

We understand that Coventry City Council are establishing a new grant programme from April 2018 which you may be able to apply to for funding to pay for support; details can be found here:  Please contact Helen Shankster, Insight Manager at Coventry City Council T:024 7683 4371 E:  for the most up to date information on this funding.

Please note - that during Feb - Mar 2018 the Group Support Officer at VAC will be completing work already started with groups during 2017/18 and will not be able to take on any new work until April 2018.