Who volunteers in Coventry and why?

A snap shot of volunteers registered with Voluntary Action Coventry April 2016 – March 2017.

I am a 50 year old woman, who currently lives in a refuge due to domestic violence and abuse.  I am trying to rebuild my life and would like to be considered for voluntary work.  I have a good understanding of life and peoples troubles particularly around drug use, homelessness and Domestic Violence an Awareness

My name is Anna and I am from Poland. I came to the UK five years ago and since then I have been working at the same place. In the last five years I have completed a few different courses and improved my English. I believe that it can help me to find a better job than the one I have in a warehouse. When I lived in Poland I worked at a petrol station, a pub, a restaurant, a shop and a bank and I am sure I can use those skills in a new job. The only thing I need is the experience in an English workplace.

I am looking to get back in to work after taking a break to raise my children. Now that they are older I have more time to start looking for work but would like to do some volunteering to help me gain the experience I need in the areas I'm interested in working in.

I am multi-lingual and can speak fluently in German and English. In the past I have worked as a football coach supporting children between the ages of 9-10 years old, I did this as I enjoy being a part of the learning development journey and being a positive influence to younger people. I love to inspire people with my ideas but also like to listen to other views and ideas. I am now seeking for a challenge that will utilize my passion and interest in supporting young people and will also allow me to develop new skills and experiences.

I am a 44 years old male asylum seeker.  I was a banker and a business manager in Nigeria with over 14 years of cognate experience before coming to the UK in 2012.  I am a graduate in Business Administration and have attended several courses and training sessions.  I have the ability to adapt to any working environment easily and settle into any role and team am assigned to work with.  I have a medical condition (kidney failure) which requires me to attend dialysis 3 times a week (Tues, Thurs and Saturdays) for 4 hours each session.  However, this does not in any way impair my ability or my determination to deliver on any assignment or duties am responsible for. 

I'm interested in volunteering because:

  • I am new to the area and are looking to get to know people
  • Want to make a positive change in my local area and the lives of those around me
  • Have the chance to develop myself outside of the work setting
  • Widen my horizon

I have experience of volunteering in schools and nursery's with younger children.  I also did a week at the hospital as part of a college placement so have health based experience. I wish to pursue a career in nursing and wish to gain experience of volunteering with older people.  I am caring and want to bring joy to other people who may not have anyone to speak to or are at disadvantage in their lives.

For me it`s a pleasure to make this world a better place and it would be awesome to do it with or for you as a voluntary helper.

I am an outgoing, personable, confident person. Having been an actor and having extensive experience in customer facing roles I’ve gained excellent people skills and the ability to be adaptable and to cope with any given situation including high pressure and target driven environments.  I'm also a recovered alcoholic/twelve step program completer with 5 years good quality sobriety.

I'm extremely passionate about giving back to the community. I've worked in various roles such as a senior mentor for NCS the Challenge and as a family support volunteer for Caudwell Children. My biggest passion is working with children and families, but I would also love to work with domestic violence survivors, people suffering with mental health issues and the elderly.  Upon completing my undergraduate degree in Sociology, I've realised that my biggest passion is giving back to the community in numerous ways and hope to one day complete my MA in Social Work.

These are just a few of the statements from people who have registered to volunteer in Coventry. To read the others please click here.