Valuing volunteers

VAC have been promoting volunteering in Coventry for 20 years

£4,073,554 – the economic value of our volunteers in Coventry 2018/19

VAC have been promoting volunteering in Coventry for 20 years, as the accredited (but unfunded) Volunteer Centre we support and encourage people to get involved in volunteering with our VCSE Alliance members whose opportunities we advertise.

For the period April 2018 to March 2019 we have calculated the economic value of the volunteers we have supported as £4,073,554.  That’s over £4m worth of skills, passion and enthusiasm going into the voluntary and community sector in Coventry.  Now we know that it is really hard to put a figure on the true value of the contribution of volunteers as some people will volunteer several times a week and for several organisations, whilst others may do a regular 3 hours a week so we have used nationally accepted average levels of volunteering 11.6 hours per week x £14.43 (average pay rate) x 48 weeks (volunteers have holidays too) x 507 (the number of people we have registered during the year).

We want to give a massive thanks to all the people that are volunteering their time in Coventry and recognise that without their unpaid support many VCSE organisations would not be able to afford to continue.