Social Saturday - Volunteers needed

Social Saturday is on the 14th October and volunteers are needed for the event.

Volunteers needed to support Social Saturday 2017 Pop Up Market


Saturday 14th October 2017


10.00am to 4.00pm


The Priory Centre, 6a Priory Row, Coentry CV1 5EX


Mariama Njie 02477 659542 or

4-6 volunteers are needed who will be based in the City Centre working in pairs to raise awareness of the event and bring people to the Priory Centre.

Volunteers will need to arrive by 9am on the day for a briefing about their roles and the event.

Please contact Mariama Njie if you would like more information about the role, payment of expenses etc.


Coventry achieved Social Enterprise Place status in November 2016 and to celebrate the 1st anniversary, and demonstrate real partnership working. This social enterprise marketplace event will highlight to local residents, students, businesses, public sector and wider organisation

  • What a social enterprise is
  • The types of goods and products (and services) they produce.
  • The communities that benefit from enterprises formed for ‘public purpose’ rather than ‘private profit’.
  • How social enterprise adds to the regional social economy