Optum Employee Volunteering offer

Optum is a leading Health Services and Innovation Company with more than 145,000 worldwide. Their main customer in the UK is the NHS nationwide.

Their mission is to help people live healthier lives and to help make the Health System work better for everyone.

They have a number of 8-10 people who have been given the opportunity to spend a day away from work to make a difference, on or around 20th September 2018.

This would need to be a workday from Monday - Friday. They all work from home so were hoping to get involved in something as a team. They are a mix of ages from 25-65, men and women all in good health.

This could be painting, gardening, entertaining, we’d be happy to have a go at most things but ideally for us all to work together. They are all locally based, mainly in Coventry and working remotely from our own homes.

If your organisation could benefit from our team helping out, please contact:

Michelle Walters or Caroline Brennan on 0207 479 1854 or email michelle.walters@optum.com or caroline.brennan@optum.com