Journey to Employment

We are sad to announce that our Journey to Employment (J2E) project will finish in July 2018.

The project saw Voluntary Action Coventry and Cofa Court Job Centre working together to support participants with long term health illnesses and disabilities to gain confidence, skills and practical job training in a peer support environment. The aims of J2E were to help people to start to think about what they had to offer in terms of their existing skills and life experience, how to successfully overcome any barriers to employment they might be facing, with the goal of moving towards meaningful activity by volunteering, undertaking work placements and seeking paid employment.    

A J2E participant said the following about her time attending the Job Club:

“After attending the J2E course I would firstly like to thank the facilitators for the huge efforts they put into what I found to be a really valuable course.  I felt really confident in them and their understanding of the real struggles we have as humans. They were confident in the subjects delivered and their individual and genuine personality’s shone. It was a real pleasure to be on the course.

Over the last 6 months my life has turned around due to me making the right choices and keeping the fight up to succeed; alongside the J2E course and other training I have attended to build my confidence and skills I feel ready to take the next steps to start to look for paid employment.”

This participant is currently undertaking two volunteering opportunities, whilst being supported by the Community Employment Specialists (CES’s) to look for paid employment.

The CES’s have worked to dispel the myths of employing individuals with disabilities and to raise the profile of those facing barriers to employment due to disability or health conditions. By promoting this important topic, employers have given great consideration and very positive feedback to us on how they will proceed in the future to ensure their recruitment, policies, procedures and ethos are disability confident and adhere to the Equality Act.