Civil Society Strategy

This (new Government) Strategy sets out how government will work with and support civil society in the years to come, so that together we can build a country that works for everyone.
To help communities thrive, the government believes we need to look at five foundations of social value: people, places, the social sector, the private sector, and the public sector”  
The government outlines specific action it will financially support in each foundation area.  
1. Place based social action programme to allow local people to come together to collaborate with statutory agencies to create a shared vision for their area.  
2. Training for 3,500 Community Organisers 2020.  
1. Greater involvement of communities in the Inclusive Growth Agenda
2. A new Innovation in Democracy programme expanding beyond participatory budgeting into new areas of participatory democracy
3. Increased emphasis and take up of community rights and community ownership particularly developing community ownership of buildings
4. An investment of £35 million into the Foundation for Social Investment from dormant accounts to create a combination of funding programmes encompassing Social Impact Investment, Charitable funding and Corporate Investment.  
The Social Sector 
1. A renewed commitment to the Compact 
2. Creation of a cross government group to look at greater sector involvement in policy making
3. A new forum to provide Social Enterprises with access to engage directly with the Government on a more regular basis
4. A new £20 million fund released from inactive Charitable Trust accounts to support community groups.  
5. The promotion of collective giving an approach where people come together to pool their donations for greater impact.  
The Private Sector 
1. Establish a business leadership group 
2. Improved transparency for environmental and social business contributions 
3. A new £55 million fund from dormant accounts to fund the setting up of an  independent organisation to tackle social inclusion
The Public Sector 
1. Support for the spread of Citizen Commissioners.
2. Extension of support for statutory agency teams assisting them to set up mutuals
More details about the strategy can be found here
Whilst some of the document deals with the expansion of existing models developed by Locality and Big Lottery there are also some new ideas and a strong emphasis on increased use of emerging technologies to deliver improved change.